Verse Widget error - Script error 9000: Failed to emit jump target

Hi, I have created a simple widget script to display some text and a button to dismiss, when I try to build the script I get the error;

.../Content/intro_message_widget.verse(119,25, 174,29) : Script error 9000: Failed to emit jump target.

This leads to 118 line of the script;

        set TheCanvas = canvas: # this line
            Slots := array:

I used this method to create the ui in a few other scripts, and it worked there, does anyone know what the problem might be?

I have this issue too now. Can’t enter my map anymore…

Change this:

Slots := for (index -> BodyTextStr : BodyText, BodyTitle := BodyTitles[index]):

into this:

Slots := for (index -> BodyTextStr : BodyText):
    BodyTitle := BodyTitles[index] or Err("Verse is a buggy mess")

and it will work again.