Verse UI - Shop - What are HUD Identifiers?

Hey there!
I’ve been delving into setting up a shop with Verse UI and would like to display Icons like gold currency on the buttons I’ve set up for purchasing guns.
I know you can’t add images yet, but I took a look at the UI Module documentation and found classes for Hud_element_identifier and hud_identifier_world_resource_gold_currency class took my interest…
Unfortunately, its documentation is pretty much blank and so I have no idea how to implement it and test to see what it does.

does anybody know what this does & how to use it in the UI? Does it display your gold, the gold Icon? or none of the above??

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


I believe that is only used by the HUD Controller to customize the default fortnite HUD. There may be future uses for it but that seems to allow you to do everything you can do in UEFN with the HUD Controller but in Verse code.