Versatile JRPG Composer available

Hello! I’m Tamashi!

I have 14 years of experience composing music, specializing in the JRPG genre. I’m excited to collaborate on new projects, big or small.



  • Email: contact|at|kitakaze|dot|art


  • 14 years of composition experience, focused on JRPGs
  • Expertise in composing for JRPG, Visual Novel, Puzzle, Platformer, Sim, Tactics, and Party games
  • In-depth knowledge of JRPG archetypes and history
  • Proficient in utilizing or blending various musical styles
  • Can offer creative and innovative musical solutions
  • Strong attention to detail, time management, and problem-solving
  • Excellent customer service

Availability: Flexible (Freelance, Full-time, Part-time)

Rates/Payment: Negotiable, based on project complexity and value. Custom-tailored contracts are available. Payment via invoice, direct compensation, or PayPal.

I am a passionate and motivated composer, heavily influenced by 90s JRPGs. My versatility ensures I can find an approach that perfectly suits your project’s needs. I will offer you a selection of drafts and revisions, and a demo before contract. Let me know what you’re cooking!

Thank you for your time! I look forward to your message!

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