Verlet simulation in Control Rig doesn't work well with large delta times


I’m trying to use Control Rig to drive some secondary animations, and all seems well, but if I minimise the Editor while I am running the project with the Verlet node in the control rig, when I tab back I can see it is way off position. If I keep it minimised for long enough eventually the Editor crashes with a NaN in FPoseLink::Evaluate

The Control Rig that exhibits this behaviour is quite simple:

Am I doing something wrong? Is Control Rig not handing large delta times well? It seems like it would be good if it used substepping, or if it let me cap the delta for the control rig.

I can’t use set delta on the control rig because I don’t have a reference to the control rig from this actor’s blueprint - I use different control rigs depening on actor state, chosen from the Animation BP.

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks