Verifying taking too long

Hi, please try to make it faster or allow people that are not pros to skip this step. It is really annoying to have my pc this slow and noisy for something this long and useless for me…
Given how fast is my internet (60m/s) it is actually longer than downloading a new version…

In this case you would need a faster PC.

What makes you think its useless?
Do you understand what the verification step is for ?
It doing more than just keeping your PC busy, thus it is not useless at all. Not even for you :slight_smile:

It’s probably verifying if anything is corrupted, but what if i don’t want to verify it? I believe it’s rather rare for anything to be corrupted during this “verifying”
Anyway there is probably ways to improve the speed, i don’t know many softwares with anything that long after downloading/installing

If that would be the case (a mere CRC style integrity check), then it would be done after download, but before installation.
As the routine Download->Installation->Verification suggests, it is verifying stuff like installed components, dependencies, etc.
It is really different than just checking if the download was ok.

The verifying stage blocks remaining downloads though iirc.
If so, it should be on a separate thread / process at least…