Venineth - tpp exploration puzzle-platformer in alien worlds

Hi everyone!

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After over four years of overtime work, we were able to finish the game. Yay! We are proudly present the final version:

Venineth is a single-player game focusing on unraveling the mysteries of ancient alien technology, somewhere in the universe via exploration, platforming, and puzzle-solving, in a dangerous, distant worlds.


  • Over 20 places to explore, including: planets, moons, gas giants, orbital stations, asteroids, and alien megastructures
  • Non-linear planetary levels with difficult to find tracks amongst a labyrinth of rocks, canyons, toxic lakes, and rivers of lava
  • Linear orbital levels, with challenging platforming sections containing gravity fields, force fields, and zero-g areas
  • Physics-based puzzles with varied mechanics
  • Original space-ambient music soundtrack

Venineth Team:

MortArt]( - art/design/sfx/UI
EchoRay - music
Harit - programming/design
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Live long and prosper.

Venineth Team