Venineth - tpp exploration puzzle-platformer in alien worlds - available now on PC/Steam


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Venineth is a single-player game focusing on unraveling the mysteries of ancient alien technology somewhere in the universe via exploration, platforming, and puzzle-solving.

Who we are:

We are small independent group of game developers from . We are creating current project in our spare time, which results in a distant release date. Thank you for your patience.

Venineth Team:

MortArt - art/design/sfx

EchoRay](https://echoray.bandcamp./) - music

Harit - programming/design

Our inspirations are games like NightSky, Lifeless Planet, Naissancee, InFlux, Mind: Path to Thalamus and Space Engine (visuals).
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Venineth by Venineth Team

Release date trailer:

Newest screenshots:




See you in 4019!

That looks amazing! Love the atmosphere. Gets me thinking about the Prometheus movie.
Looking forward and hoping for some deep existential story there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks! We hoping too :wink:

Two new screenshots:




Very beautiful! I’ve made your game Pic of the Day on the launcher :smiley:

wow very nice design. love the fast emptiness but still have a interesting horizon.
Any change you like to share a small portion of your one way chamber design? I’ve been looking for that for a while now.
looking forward to a finished product!

Ooooooh :smiley: gorgeous!

Wow! Big thanks!

Thanks! Did you mean portal transition? We used this method:
Player on start is inside “bottle” mesh with render custom depth, 2d screen capture camera repeats player camera movements, portal is like bottleneck. When player leaves portal, trigger hides “bottle” and spawn one sided mesh “bottle cap” with render custom depth, so that creates illusion of one way chamber.


More screens:


New gameplay video with some exploration, simple puzzles and platforming:


And more screens from this planet:


AMAZING Work. Super impressive.


New video, some kind of teaser:


And new screens:


Beautipul!!! Reminds me a lot of 2001!! <3


i like the mood of the game, and really nice sounds for jumping sphere on the metal plates :slight_smile:

Cool stuff, like the style

Work that I wish that I would be able to do. It is amazing. Would not hesitate to buy if it was released.

WOW! You have achieved a great look. I especially like the environment, and the interaction between the sphere and the . Any comments on how you achieved that effect would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like simple decals to me.

Oh my god dude, how did you do the portal in the beginning of that first video? It looked so flawless.

I would kill to know abt the post process settings

Thanks all!

As said, this is simply spawn decal on hit + decal blend mode = normal.

Thanks. Already wrote it in post 7:

Unsharpmask postfx from Lightroom: Interior Day Light project by Koola is all secret + some color grading and a tiny bit of scene fringe.

Big thanks again for second Pic of the Day!


This is looking lovely! :slight_smile: