Hi guys. Just a little walkthrough in Venice :smiley:

5 stars. Well done.

Great job bro! How were the buildings built? Did you take a modular approach? Thanks! :slight_smile:

YES! You rock for making that gondola move. :smiley:

Make a couple of looping streets like this and you have an VR experience.

Great work rafareis123! The video that you have provided really gives a great feel for the scene. Keep up the great work and I am really excited to see how the final project turns out. Have a great day!

great work!!! Compliments :slight_smile:

I have seen only a little error

Looks great!

Wow! Great job!

Really nice, serene vibe.

Keep up the good work,

~ Jason

looking good dude, i dunno if you have been to venice before but when I went the first thing i noticed was the range of colours on the buildings. They’re very old so lots of weathering, paint layers and there’s moss and algae growing on the bottom where it meets the water. If you are able to add those bits in it’ll look even better than it does now! :cool:

great mood, and looks fantastic, agree with Steve_t comments as well…meow can you get rid of that cat

Very nice man!!!
I miss Exio Btw :stuck_out_tongue: