Vengeance (An adventure/action game) *help wanted*

Me and a group of people are already making a new game and we would like to get more people to help us make it better and we are requesting help in certain areas. This is all the info you might need to know about it.

Title: Vengeance
Multiplayer: Yes, split screen and online
Setting: Modern-time in the state of New Veron which will be broken down into cities and sections
Main character: Mitchell

My personal skills:

Map building
Blueprint programmer
Cloud servers
Character Modeling

Job openings:

Sculptor: Someone who can create high quality models for characters, maps and items.

Animator: Someone who is good at making animations for the characters and objects.

AI Control: Someone who is an expert on behavioral AI (physics, environmental reactions etc.)

Main Developers: An overall good game developer (blueprinting, implementing features rtc.)

Music Composer: Someone who has experience with making original music and fx.

GUI Expert: An expert in GUI for single and multiplayer modes and game maps etc.

Online: Someone who had good networking and cloud hosting skills.

Writer: Someone who is good at making scripts and in-depth story lines

Voice Actors: People with good voice acting skills and natural voice talent.

If you have any questions feel free to email me @ Also if you have any suggestions or want to help out you can comment below. Thanks!

If you want to help please feel free to help out by commenting, pm, or emailing me. Thanks!

Heh, I have yet to see an offer labeled Writer needed

Do you want to be a writer for our game, we’ll gladly accept you because we need a writer and its now on the updated list with other new roles open.

Long time no update on the project, is it dead?
If not please inform us about the latest status and developments.

I have worked on the game since and it is a lot different than what I posted before (which is now deleted due to drastic changes) Here are some pictures of how it looks so far character-wise, if you want to see more or have any question, concerns and/or ideas feel free to ask me! My next post will be on all I’ve implemented so far and/or how the city will look so far.

This is a render for the cast of the main characters, bios are still in the works but names are so far settled and so are some of their basic info and personalities:

Here is an early render of the opening scene: [Will be added if this forum lets me upload it]

This is the main character Mitchell and some pictures of him:


This is his cousin Tiffany:


His best friend Jverse: e70856c0b86dda8a26a42591994b7b5b34d076f7.jpeg

His friend Sylvester: 7286fb64a2749da2fbc682008041c2d897b55a58.jpeg

And the rich young man, Marv:

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned fore more!