Velocity stuck under 1 unless jumping

I’m trying to measure velocity from speed, but for some reason it’s always 0 point whatever, but if i go higher it’s 1. This isn’t what i need, i simply need, in simple terms, speed i am going at fowards. Any help?

Try getting the velocity from the movement component instead.

I cannot. “Custom Movement Component is not compatible with actor component”. Any fix?

I am seriously interested in how you managed to get an error like that. Can you post a screenshot of how exactly you are trying to get the velocity from the movement component? Because the movement component is a standard part of the ACharacter class; your extended class should have no problem using it.

It’s like this, but now i found a separate vector component. Strange.
I conected the other one and it works properly, although some issues still remain…Desktop 2018 08 28 15 22 22 05 - YouTube
I’m really confused about this, but thanks for helping!

Extra Context Clip: Desktop 2018 08 28 15 20 23 04 - YouTube

Don’t try to input the movement component reference into the “Get velocity.” The movement component doesn’t have a function like that. Instead, drag from the movement component en get the velocity variable; rather than a getter function, you can get the velocity vector variable directly. If this is confusing, consider going into the animation blueprint of the mannequin; if you haven’t made your own anmiBP, that one uses the velocity vector in the movement component as well to determine the speed of the idle/walk/run blendspace.

Yeah, I found the that part.

So how would i edit this animBP? It only uses max speed.

Your custom movement component is derived from UCharacterMovementComponent, yes? If so, the only thing you need to do is this in your character blueprint;


Yeah, I’ve done that already. It works wonders. Thank you! Now i just need to fix turning to north everytime i move and it’s fine. Thank you so much!