Velocity question

The following works fine once an character is falling but for some reason it does not work when the character is on the ground. I feel like its some setting that needs to be changed but I currently don’t know which. I’m aware there is already a premade function for jump but I rather not use it because I’m still deciding what I want as the base for the final version.

What if you used get velocity instead of the forward vectory.

Alternative to your solution, I think ‘Add Impulse’ or ‘Add Force’ would do the trick.
I am pretty sure I set up something like this recently to test some ‘wall sticking’ mechanics.

Velocity instead of forward vector does the same exact thing. I’ll test Impulse and Force next chance I get.

I’d recomend using impulse for instantaneous things.

On a side note, the ‘Add Force’ might be usefull for creating a more fluid jump but all dependant on what the end result needs.
King Scott, let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Well didn’t work exactly in my case because I already have a movement system independent of having simulating physics checked. Since I still am testing with only kinematic I’m going to look into adapting the jump into my movement system instead of being a standalone thing.