Velocity issue migrating from 4.6 to 4.7

I’ve just migrated my project from 4.6 to 4.7 and I’m having an issue with velocity. I have a volume where I’m spawning physics actors. I am setting the Physics Linear Velocity to 300 in the construction script of the spawned actor blueprint.

For some reason, some of the actors are moving with a normal velocity, but others seem double velocity randomly- sometimes they change velocity on their own upon spawning, and other times they change velocity if any other spawned actors are destroyed. This was not an issue at all in 4.6. Is there any change in 4.7 that could have caused this?

I’m also working on this problem, and to add some clarification:

In 4.6 all actors would move according to the physics parameters set in the components. They moved linearly, had a starting velocity of 300, and would increase velocity based on the physics system. There is no collision on these actors.

All blueprints were copied into a new project for 4.7 as is, and no modifications were made prior to testing.

After further investigation, when an actor is destroyed (either by the player or by an even in the world) the last actor to spawn would have its static mesh component of the actor to desync with a capsule collision component. This would cause the static mesh component to accelerate faster than the capsule and all other components.

After watching the blueprints frame by frame as they are destroyed, I can find nothing activating in the blueprint “code” that would cause this.

Any suggestions?

[Edit]: This is specifically caused by the destroy component for the static mesh. When destroy component is removed from the equation, then there is no anomaly.

When the static mesh was removed from the Collision Capsule, and moved to the root scene this resolved the issue where the static mesh would desync from the capsule and appear to accelerate.