Velocity condition not working

Hi there ! ^^ I got a problem and I can’t figure it out why is not working. I want to be able to make a condition based on character movement speed but this thing seems to not fire at all. I don’t know what am I missing. Please help me out ! ^^ Here is the image. ( engine version 4.22)

What are you trying to achieve? Your check fires off only once when the game starts and I would assume movement speed would be equal to 0 hence you branch would always fail and there is no code after that to do another check.

I’ve been trying to think of a good method for this, you could have the check on the input action for forward and on the released you could start a timer that checks when the velocity is below 300 then makes the sprinting bool false and invalidates the timer.

I mean you could do it like this (screenshot), you can use a function w/ timer or event tick.
What is suppose to happen when you set the bool to true?

It supposed to play a running sound after the bool is true and then turn it off when the character is hitting an wall or object while SHIFT and W are still pressed that’s why I wanted to make a condition that depends on character speed; because in real life if you hit a wall you can’t run anymore XD

Umm wouldn’t it just be easier to use anim notify events for this

I tried with anim notify event but still no results. I have a 360 anim BP and I tried to cast to anim and then get the speed of anim BP but the same problem appears. I will try to get it work with timer and see if I can get it done. Also if you have something better please share a screenshot . Thank you ! ^^

I meant to play the sounds. This means that when your character switches to sprint a different event will fire so a different sound can be played

I know what you meant. But is not the result I want. I know how to make the sound playing while is sprinting but the problem is how do I get it to stop when velocity is under 500 while Shift and W is still pressed. That can’t be anim dependent.

It’s going to be costly but the key is to keep it as low as possible. So when you trigger the sound also start a timer and in the function check if the velocity is below your value then set the sprinting bool to false and invalidate the timer this will be cheaper than running on tick

Thanks to your advices I was finally able to get the problem solved. I tried multiple variations to get it done and this one finally works properly and makes the sound to fade out when velocity is below a value that you set. Mine was 500. So this is the answer that I was looking for ! Also thank you all for your help ! ^^