Velocity and Inertia with simple actor mouse interactions.

For the previous 2 days I had two similar problems, that I could neither resolve myself, nor find anything in the internet (which is hugely weird).

I’m trying to add some inertia to actors that I’m interact with using mouse and move them with simple math.
To be more specific, the first actor is a camera pawn, the second is a simple gate actor. The first one in location only, the second one is rotation only. Neither of these actors have any movement component or physics simulation.
For now I achieved mouse interaction - camera moves, gates rotate. But as soon as a player releases the mouse, objects stop abruptly. My goal is to make these actors continue their movement just a bit after mouse released. But I could not make it work Got stuck with the GetVelocity node (as it requires physics simulation?) that always outputs 0. More over I need angular velocity for my rotating only gates.

The ideal solution would be a way to calculate the velocities manually and animate after-release state of actors using timelines and simple math.
I’ve already tried this also, but ended up with a huge node tree with arrays, that store number of current positions every frame (30 for example) and than average them afterwards. To me it seems like over-complication both in implementation and calculation - arrays are slow, right?.
Second best options is turning on physics and add calculated velocity, but steal you need to calculate it first.

I’m perfectly happy with the current implementation of grabbing and manipulating actors, but if it’s absolutely necessary, I would change anything to make it work. Ok with C++ if no other way around.
Any help would be much appreciated!

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