Velociraptor. Spiritual Successor to Raptor: Call Of The Shadows

Hi Everyone, I wanted to announce our project and get some input from you guys. This has been The most fun project I’ve been on by far, and is an honour to be part of a follow up to game was very close to my heart especially growing up.

Its a short teaser as we don’t want to give away all the goods before our Kickstarter campaign in October ;).

The project is titled Velociraptor, A spiritual successor to Apogees 1994 Raptor: Call of the Shadows. Included in the team is veteran and founder of Apogee/3DRealms Scott Miller.
The reason this is a spiritual successor is because Scott sold the name in 1999 and thus no true sequel called Raptor can be made.

The team are huge fans of the original and we are dedicated and passionate about making this the best follow up ever!


I’m mostly found on the answers hub ;p But I will be spending a lot more time here in the future so please give me a shout
Also Please feel free to check out our pages though I personally would be found more on Facebook.

Thanks and hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:

Awesome! :slight_smile:

What I would love though would be a better distinction. One reason I loved Raptor was because it always had a clear style without sfx overkill, even in the later levels. Too many vertical scrollers are lacking in that area and just deliver a total mayhem. Keep contrast high and use clear color schemes, so enemies, background, planes and bullets are clearly distinctable. Less can be more!

You are absolutely right. That’s defiantly something we are constantly working on but are not quite there, We want to maintain a theme throughout every level and make everything look like it belongs. Most importantly the effects need to not be confused with intractable objects, (bullets, missiles. buildings aircraft etc.) while avoiding hyper contrast or clown colours ;p. I totally get where you’re coming from. when too much is going on its hard to keep track.

Velociraptor is not in any way, shape or form, associated with Apogee’s Raptor: Call of the Shadows. I own the IP, created the original Raptor, and I am currently developing the true sequel.