So there seems to be a lack of vehicle documentation (unless I am blind).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You can try the vehicle template.

the content side is very much the same as in UDK you just need to scale up, the UE4 side is a big jump and more work, i just hope things have improved against the old beta build i have

Thanks for the reply.

Im new to UE4. Where do I find the vehicle template?

Coming from Unity, I’m used to the wheelCollider, which is a horrible mess, but works for some simple things.
Is there an equivalent thing in UE? I think both engines use physx, and the wheelCollider is a physx thing, not a Unity specfic thing.

My hope is that there is a better alternative to it in UE though, but there are very few Unreal games with vehicles in them, and not much to find by googling.

afaik most of the vehicle stuff uses physx but don’t quote me on that, so far we haven’t had much chance to play with vehicles in UE4 beta as we were having some issues and to be honest most dev’s aren’t interested in them, if the engine side stays as we have seen then it’s going to be quite a bit more work than in udk, i have been hoping for more vehicle examples but we’ll have to wait and see.

i’ve played a few non unreal game with vehicles and to be honest not really impressed but i do release that it is very difficult to get just right, i hope to have a quick video run though once my access is sorted and then later a mini series with blender to ue4

I was thinking the same thing.

There is some vehicle code in there, but we are still working on it to the point that we are happy with it. We won’t be documenting it until then. Hopefully soon! We are excited to get that feature out.

Looking forward to it - thanks JamesG

Glad to hear there is vehicle code in the works, but I always see the flying template in YouTube videos but my install didn’t come with it.

Can’t wait to put my hands on it! I hope to see something impressive, worth the render engine :wink: Sufice to say, the bar is high!

Vehicles drives over roads, right?! So look at this poll: Look also how many views it has. :slight_smile: rsssssss


Will it come with a light cycle? Got to have a light cycle.

I guess someone it having a nice time with vehicle and Ue4…