Vehicle's wheels "crash"

Good day!

Please, tell me what I do wrong!
I’ve created a blueprint with parent-class “WheeledVehicle” and placed its in my level.
But if this vehicle is trying to go, its wheels fall off… =/
And they are trying to spin, the car wanna move, but can’t.
I’ve attached some screenshots of this.


could be many things but start with in the physics asset set the wheels to kinematic

are the 2 pages you need when starting with 4 wheeled vehicles
plus theres quite a few videos around youtube which show whats needed to get started

I don’t want to create my own car.
I just created the standart vehicle with the skeletal mesh “Sedan_SkelMesh” that UE already contains =/
I’ve never encountered such a problem…

i sugest you double check everything , like i mentioned it looks like the physics asset, even when you let the engine create the asset you still need to edit it

You’re right, I just missed this.
Thanks :slight_smile:

But at least you figured out how to make a back to the future car!