Vehicles - VehicleMovementComponent - VER: 4.18.3

Unreal Development Team,

I’ve been getting into vehicles using blueprints. I’ve noticed that many of the variables in the Vehicle Movement Component are not readable/editable for use in BPs. For example, cannot get/set engine rotation speed, gear ratios, and shift delay. The same is also true for wheel BPs. I’d like to be able to change these values at runtime. One other problem is the Set Gear Up/Down nodes do not seem to function, and also cause application crashes (not worried about this, I use Set TargetGear).

Topic: Blueprint Vehicle Movement Component
Requested change: Allow VehicleMovementComponent values to be read and editable through BP nodes (at runtime).

Engine Version: 4.18.3

Thanks for all the good work,

Andrew Russell
Fabrication Development