Vehicles, 3ds MAX scaling wheel misplacement


I’m trying to use vehicle blueprint with a custom model made in 3ds max. My problem is when I export I need to scale down my model to make it fit in UE4 like this:

Then I import in the engine:

But I got a problem with the skeleton mesh I guess, when i go in the physics asset, I can see that the position of all my bone is scaled up:

Finaly, when I use the pxvis collision command we can see the wheels collisions far away from the car :x :

It’s obviously a scaling problem with the skeletal mesh, maybe while the export from 3ds max?

I hope that anyone will have an answer for this!

Thanks for your help!

Problem solved:

I had a problem with my skin modifier in 3ds max, I justed removed it and skinned again my mesh and everithung was right!