Vehicle wheels sinking below surface of ground

My wheels appear to be fine when the vehicle sits still, but when I turn or accelerate/decelerate the wheels sink below the surface of the ground as if the pressure of the wheels is what’s forcing them through, and the vehicle body’s collision impacts the ground.

So I’ve googled this issue a lot today and I’ve ruled out several things that were suggested as the cause in similar cases.

My vehicle is oriented properly before export (facing towards the positive x direction, z is up, y is the side)

The bones have not been rotated, and also face toward the positive x direction.

My wheels collision is set to kinematic in the physics asset.

My wheel radius might be the issue. If I set the radius to 55 which is what it should be according to my measurement, the wheel sinks completely, if I set it to 100 the wheel suddenly sits right about where it should. When I visualize the collision while playing in the editor, I see the spheres from my vehicles physics asset. The sphere collision is positioned correctly with respect to the wheel, but also sinks through the ground.

Use this command to see your wheels collider

I have same issue with a 8 wheeled vehicule, it worked on 4 wheels but now it go trough the floor

HO ! o deleted 4 of the 8 wheels and now it work !