Vehicle wheels not colliding with ground. HELP!

So, after many…MANY days of searching and scowering the internet for a fix to my problem, i have come to a dead end. I am trying to be able to drive a custom mesh in Unreal but, when i press play, the wheels are not colliding with the ground and only the physic box the the body hits the ground. I can not figure out why this is happening and would love some help. I have searched through so many videos and forums and havent found anything that helps. Thanks guys.

After taking this picture i noticed my tire X orientation was different than my car orientation but i am not sure which on is right, and if it is supposed to be this way. How exactly do i fix this if all my orientation matches in blender?

hi there. might be the wheels are set-up wrong, either too small or simply rotated wrong, meaning the wheels could be laying flat on the ground. make that box MUCH smaller and see if the wheels go trough the ground completely or not.

It seems as if the wheels only go half way into the ground. Like they are stopping at the bone on the wheels. I’m not sure what else could be going on with it. Should i try scaling the whole model up a lot?

The wheel collisions in wheeled vehicle is just used for ray-tracing against the environment, not for actual collisions. It might be that you have to add normal collision-boxes around the wheels.