Vehicle wheel help

I am having trouble creating my vehicle wheels in Unreal Engine 4, the wheels are inside the body instead of outside (which is where they are in every tutorial I have watched).
I rig them all up and follow the tutorial but the vehicle will just glitch out and send itself into orbit which is not great haha. Is there a way to make a vehicle in which the wheels are inside the body?


This is the vehicle if you were confused (let me know if it still is confusing)

Thanks for any help!

yep looks confusing as your “bones” look weird, make sure that the location of your “root” bone is at 0,0,0 and the alignment is X=forward and Z=up


EDIT: Z is up, I forgot to include that. The image is from top down perspective

This is how my root bone is set up I think it is set up correctly, let me know if anything needs to be changed. Also does the root bone need to be separate from the body bone? as the body bone is the root bone at the moment . Sorry for all the questions this is the first time I’ve used bones so I’m getting used to how they work


ok it will help if you tell me what software you are using, i’ll be honest that image doesn’t help much, i’ve a few video’s on my channel covering vehicle stuff but thats mainly for blender

Oh sorry, I use 3DS Max for models

ok first what ever you do don’t use max bones as they can be a real pain, in 3ds max i always use objects as bones which i link together to create a rig, i align the objects(pyramids) along the X axis and reset the pivot to world.

the main thing is to make sure that the root bone is at 0,0,0 and the wheels touch the ground

in this old UT3/UE3 video i do the same sort of thing UT3_CWV_01_rig_skin_a.avi - YouTube
sorry i haven’t done any newer videos for max

Thanks a lot, I’ll take a look

By the looks of your bones your wheel bones are pointing into the center for some reason. All bones should point in direction where you want they X axis to be, but vehicle template expect them to be pointed in X world axis in UE4 - they should look forward of the vehicle and not at each other.

So the bones of the wheels are supposed to be pointing to the front of the vehicle? I will give this a go, thanks for the reply!

Your screenshot that shows the bone from above may not actually display the orientation. If you go to the Hierarchy tab and click Affect Pivot Only then it will show which way its local axes are facing.

If you took the screenshot with the reference coordinate system set to local (the drop-down menu next to the scale button) then it should be showing it correctly and you can ignore this post.