Vehicle Tutorial

Is there a tutorial for a vehicle physics? I just can’t found one. Thanks

Nope, but I would recommend you to take a look at the vehicle template, because there isn’t much documentation avaiable regarding to vehicles. I would also recommend you to probably ask gedoav if he has some tips for you, because I think he already has some experience :slight_smile:

not sure , but it seems to be a starting point here (collision responses) :

Fighter, please, where can i found this vehicle template? thanks

should be when you create a new project choose vehicle code or blueprint

I don’t have this option in “New Project” wizard.

sorry we had that in the last beta, untill i get access to the public build i can’t help much, till Epic pulls their fingers out

try looking in the ue4 marketplace

No in Marketplace either. This option is not available anywhere i can see.

from the answerhub

might help to check these posts

I’m also without access to the public version, but I will give you some tips based on the beta version (but It may be different now)

Try creating a blueprint that extends from WheeledVehicle

The blueprint then will probably have a component named VehicleMovement. With this component you can configure the vehicle and control it. Like this:

The vehicle mesh setup is actually very similar to UDK. one root bone with the wheel bones as child.

@HRuivo, we don’t even know if they included the base class for the vehicles, to be honest atm leave it or pester Epic, you’ve paid your money so you want the info,

sorry can’t help any more till i get my access

ok now i have access, correct the vehicle template has been removed thats a bit retarded but its Epics choice.

the base code files seem to be there as too if they work can’t tell till i put every thing together which will take quite a while as each vehicle is a big job atm

Thanks all fro the tips. I don’t have experience, yet, to build something useful related to this matter, so i have to wait for tutorials, examples, etc. Hopee Epic can put it asap, because vehicles are used in a lot of games, and i think it is very important.

I just tried to recreate the BP vehicle project and its not going to happen, there are BP nodes missing.

which ones, need to have a look as they might have re-named them again

the missing nodes are “input axis move forward” and “input axis move right” witch means the wheels don’t move although I have managed to get the wheels spinning forwards/backwards when using the “W” and “S” keys. I am about to try and get the turning working and then I need to get the car to actually move forwards and backwards because right now it just sits there with its wheels spinning;)

the car not moving might be caused by the level, the ground from the map is messed up when opened in UE4, I need to do more fiddling though.

got the car moving forward but it wont move backwards and I cant get the steering to work.

update, got reverse working but don’t know about steering yet.

nope doing something really wrong here atm, will check more tomorrow

do you remember where we set the steering angles (its been a while and I cant find it:p), if I can find that I might be able to get it turning.