Vehicle turning

I am making a 4 wheeled vehicle with unusual turning. Instead of the wheels rotating to turn the vehicle the wheels on one side go forward and the wheels on the other side go backward. So the wheels always point forward, but the two sides move opposite directions of each other. Does anyone know if this is possible in unreal.

It may be late or something but I can’t imagine what do you want to achieve, can you make an image with wheels rotation if your turn steering wheel to left/right/middle?

Should absolutely be possible, just make two different sets of blueprints for each kind of wheel, and have one set of wheels simply reverse the direction of input.

I thought about that, but I’m not sure how to implement this. Until now I have used the vehicle movement component of the pawn class to move the whole skeletal mesh at once. Do you mean to make a second vehicle movement component or do I make 2 vehicle pawns. I just need elaboration on how to pull this off.

I can’t make an good picture, but when you turn the steering wheel right (to turn right) the right side wheels go reverse, and the left side go forward. To turn left the left side wheels move in reverse and the right side move forward. You turn the vehicle with next to no turn radius, but you don’t really turn while moving the whole vehicle forward/reverse.