Vehicle Tire extreme bounce issue

I’m having problems with my vehicle tires. Namely they appear to bounce all over the place. I have played around with pretty much any setting i could find, but nothing seems to affect or fix this. The only thing that does something is turning off suspensions completely. But then my car won’t drive up certain slopes anymore since the wheels don’t go down to touch the slope.

Anyone know what is causing this?

gyazo of the issue

Hi WixZ
I think your reartire is too big and colliding with your tirehousing.
Test your vehicle with a smaller reartire and check if the problem still occures :wink:

What are you using for the vehicle? Constraints? The default wheeled vehicle class?

I made 2 wheel blueprints. Front wheels and back wheels. Only the front wheels can steer and the back wheels have a bigger wheel radius. I have tried with smaller wheels as well, but the issue still persist. I think it has something to do with the wheels spinning too fast. But i’m not sure how to make them spin slower and still move the car fast enough. Is this even possible?

About the rearwheel colliding with the tirehousing, my car has a box as collider.

In this next gyazo you can see how to wheels seem to bounce when the vehicle spawns. This keeps going for several seconds. and then when i walk against the back wheels the car goes flying. SOmething is just very very wrong with my wheel set up but i have no clue what.

I’ve looked into physical materials and reduced the restitution to 0 and 1, but no difference. The wheels also have collision disabled.

Engine version? What does your physics asset look like?