Vehicle tail lights

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Dear friends, I have a question
I was wondering how I would do that every time I press the S key, rear lights
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I’m sorry, but I don’t even understand this…at all.
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I brake when the car he saw car lights lit

You need to set an emissive material for the lights, and also use 2 point lights as well if you want. Then compare the forward axis value with -1, and when it’s -1 increase the emissive and light intensity values in the vehicle blueprint. I cant get into more detail right now but i can show you how it is when i make my own car’s lights(which may take a while.)

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Add your light(or lights) in the Components tab of your vehicle and set their default brightness to 0. Then do as i did in event graph. The same logic goes for emissive material interaction as well but i cant help you on that since i dont know how your car’s textures are set.

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I have another question
That is how I’m supposed to sound more car audio car kept accelerating…

No, you need to use the torque as the pitch multiplier of the sound or do something like what Epic did with vehicle game.

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khazande, can you type questions into Google Translate using your native language and then repost the english back here?

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I question how I’m going to sound machine
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Nobody will build your game for you.

Look at the sound cue tutorials to figure out how to build this. You’ll want to build a sound cue that has “RPM” as input, and modulates a looping engine sound to play faster (higher pitch) if RPM is higher. Then you want your vehicle to update RPM of the cue each tick.

If you don’t know how to make a looping engine sound, you can purchase sound samples from places like

Hi Khazande,

The community and are willing to help guide you and assist you but as Jwatte said, we are not here to build your game for you. Continually spamming the forum every couple of hours seeking attention to your post will more than likely drive people away rather than help you.

If you have questions that’s all good but you need to realize that being courteous about it will go much further.

There have been some suggestions on here for how you can setup some of the things you are looking to do. If you post images of your materials and/or blueprints where you’ve attempted to accomplish something this will also help in others giving you some pointers and direct help in getting the results you need.

There are many resources provided generously by the community in their tutorial series along with Epics YouTube tutorials that may assist you as well.

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