vehicle suspension issue :(

Hi there, I’m new to UE and I try to set up an off-road vehicle for my own hobby project. I’m far from done, but see the final result already bumping and jumping. There is one visually unpleasing thing, I would like to correct. It is the suspension, that travels too fast to the max drop limit during loosing ground contact. Like, if the vehicle is driven over a cliff, the wheels drop down so fast, it looks completely unrealistic.

My first idea was to measure the distance between the vehicle wheel (the bone modified by the vehicle) and the visually visible wheel (the copy bone with the mesh) to be able to detect a fast deflection before altering the Z translation accordingly. This somehow didn’t work out. I have no clue why yet…

Maybe there is a much easier solution to this problem!?

Thanks & Regards

I have an idea why it didn’t work. I expected the transform node to work relative instead of absolute. Anyways, it is probably necessary to restrict the visible wheels velocity to get the time component into the calculation.

Ok, i got it to work. The modification restricts large deflections by scaling the Z translations down… It looks quite nice, but it is for sure just a simple and probably expensive fix. Im still seeking for a better solution.

If you are using the adv. Vehicle template, it should
have settings specific to suspensions…

Hi MostHost,

im not using adv. vehicle template, but I would have the same visual issue with that one.

Here a video related to the visual issue i want to correct. Its not my vehicle, i just found that video while searching for solutions…

The wheels of the tank drop in the gap instantly to the max drop distance and make it look unreal!

The suspension settings are within the tire component, there should be a specific one for the speed at which the suspensions drop. I believe it would be the hardness? Not sure. You would have to play around with the settings…