Vehicle stops turning with no throttle

I’ve made a road with a gentle curve, and I drive into it at 70km/h, but I need to slow down for the curve, so I take my finger off the moveforward key, and throttle goes to 0, immediately my vehicle stops turning and I go flying off the side of the road. The wheels turn, but instead of actually turning, it seems to start sliding… off the road.

I’ve tried lowering the Throttle fall rate, and that allows me to take my finger off the accelerator and continue turning, but now it doesnt slow down as quick, and makes low speed movement wierd.

Am using the Vehicle template sedan, with mostly minor tweaks.

Have now switched to 4.15, same issue.
Seems to do the same thing when I switch from Limited Slip FWD to Limited slip 4wd. But doesnt affect RWD. Tho with RWD, the back end slides out almost constantly.


Did you manage to fix it?