Vehicle steering with zero throttle

When the vehicle is going with full throttle i press left/right and it turns. However when the vehicle is going with a speed value that can be anything, i release throttle and press the steering button, the wheels seem they are turning left/right but the vehicle is going on the same direction. Which property can cause this problem or how can i turn the vehicle with zero throttle once it is going.

Here is some photos and a video to explain the problem better.
Note: I want my car can steer like the car in “vehicle advanced” project in UE4,6c254d93f739161f599cbab11094fa01893cfd80.pngUE4Editor 2014-12-23 15-26-24-31.pngUE4Editor 2014-12-23 15-26-46-29.pngUE4Editor 2014-12-23 15-27-31-24.png

Any ideas for the problem??

I am having the exact same problem… once you let go of the throttle the car steering ability practically disappear.

A solution I used for tank neutral steer was add local rotation. Get an axis value from your turn axis input, multiply it by a number that gives the desired speed of turning, then plug it into an add actor local rotation node in the Yaw pin. Hope it helps.

Guys, I don’t think you are supposed to reply to problems this old, it just causes there to be too many threads being replied too for everyone to get the proper help.

thanks will try that!

Hi all, I have this problem as well, can someone demonstrate how this is done with the advanced vehicle template? I can not find ANYTHING on the forum or the web!

Hello guys! Just found a solution :smiley: (I’m using 4.18.2)

Yeah, that doesn’t fix it. Did anyone manage to get it fixed?

Same problem here.

It is woking perfectly for me, did you use Set + Get or just Set?