Vehicle Steering problem - Wheels turning strangely - Inverted steering


So I am having a problem with my vehicle, in this case it is a wheelchair that I have had rigged like a car. I am using the vehicle movement component and it has so many variables that it is hard to know where to look. The thing is that my front wheels turn the wrong way and in different amounts witch makes the chair not crawl forward but moves very fast when going backwards.

I know I am using this system in a way it probably was not intended since the front wheels are a lot smaller than the back wheels.

Here is a video showing what it looks like.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

I am doing this currently for an able-bodied person to embody a character with parapalegia. The idea is to use a real-world wheelchair and while in VR operate a digital wheelchair simultaneously.