Vehicle speed and settings?

I don’t know if I’m missing it or what but, I can’t figure out how to make the dang thing go faster. The settings in the vehicle movement don’t seem to do anything. I don’t see anything about max speed or movement speed anywhere. Someone know how to make my vehicle go faster then 5 miles an hour?

I assume you are talking about these setting, these are for 3rd person though.


Yes but the Vehicle movement BP does not have those options.

Advanced or normal game?

You mean the templates they give you? If so then neither. Using 3rd person with my own wheeled vehicle BP with my own mesh. I get it moving and driving but can’t get it to go faster.

Yes that is what im looking at. So what do you adjust for speed? I tried changing things and nothing was different.

Try max rpm.

Work in car game


increase rpm and torque and decrease the gear ratio of each gear

and read the nvidia docs:)