Vehicle spawned above ground and moves along y axis

I am following this vehicle tutorial with a different car model,

When I hit Play, the car is spawned above ground and falls to the ground.
How can I spawn the car on ground level?
Also even if the front of the car is facing x axis, when I press W key it moves the car along -y axis, not x axis (forward). Can I fix this in UE?


Your vehicle model was not properly aligned in your 3d application.

You should go in your 3D application and rotate the model 90 degrees, move it down so the tiers are touching Z=0 plane and export again.

Happy coding.


The transforms in the WheeledVehicle blueprint seem to be modified not to allow editing of the orientation of the mesh. I suspect this is a result of hard-coded variables (directions) in the VehicleMovement component.

Thanks very much, can you please tell me where in WheeledVehicle blueprint I could set these settings? Only Scale is available in Viewport

I am not that familiar with the wheeled vehicle class but I never thought that the transform settings would be limited. (as they obviously are)

This leaves you with the first option - re-export from the 3D application.

Please check the documentation on Importing Geometry in Unreal as there are several important things that you have to be careful about.

Thanks dZho, got it fixed in 3d max