Vehicle Sounds/Gears/RPM

Hey guys,

I’m currently near completion on some cars in Blender and in the mean time I’ve been testing out some engine sound loops on the starter content adv vehicle sound cue with to hopes of implementing them to my own cars later. The problem I’m having is that i can’t figure out how to make it sound like the car is changing gear. What want is for the pitch of the sound to increase all the way to max RPM in one gear, change gear and then reset back a few thousand RPM like in a real car. I’ve set the HUD to display RPM as well as the standard gear and speed but there seems to be no connection between RPM and the gears, What i mean is that it’s as if the car only has one gear, revving from 0rpm to max rpm only at top speed as a pose to hitting max rpm before every gear change and resetting.

Does anyone know how to change it so the RPM and gears work like a real world car, revving to max rpm before each gear change so it will sound like a real car or any tips or ways around this in terms of sound?


they have a free license for indie dev’s(you have to email them).

great tool to control sound for exact rpm ranges / gear changes ect.

hi if you still have problem with your RPM when switching, try to set the final ratio in the vehicle movement component equal to 1 . the under the gear set up, set gear 1 =10, gear 2 = 4-6, gear 3 = 2, gear 4=1.5, gear 5=1. that should lower your RPM everytime you shift gears . sound also lower base on your RPM . I use FMOD for the sound. (This is a Manual gear SHifting) hope it helps you if you still have problem with your set up

I think this is what you are looking for. Vehicle Engine Audio | Unreal Engine Tutorial - YouTube

  • edit - I see what you mean about the gears winding out and starting again, I thought you just meant the changing audio based on rpm thing.