Vehicle setup collision issue

I’ve been trying to import a car model into the engine. I’ve watched a couple of different tutorials and went through a lot of forum posts to resolve various issues that I was having. I think I’ve almost got it to work but there is one last issue that I can’t find anywhere online.

My car is unable to touch the ground with all four wheels. It’s as if my car is balancing on top of a ball. Because the car has most of its weight at the back this causes my car to have its rear wheels on the ground and the front wheels up in the air. Here is a video showing the problem: - YouTube

I exported my mesh from Blender. The car body is the root component and its pivot is at (0, 0, 0). The wheels are all separate child components of the car body with their pivot at the center of the wheel.
Once I imported the mesh into Unreal I followed the tutorial video made by Epic on how to setup vehicles.

I’ve spend the last day trying to fix this issue with no success. I hope that there is someone who’s able to help.

Physics asset


Apperently the weight of my car was completely wrong because I exported the mesh as meters instead of centimeters. All I had to do was set the objects transform scale to 0.01 and then multiply the positions of the vertices by 100. This caused the weight of the body to go from 0.02 to 859.

Can you explain a little more clearly . I’m also stuck

Dude, can you make it’s a bit more clear? I have the same issue going on the past couple of days. I have always exported in Centimeters. But I don’t understand what you mean by multiplying with Vertices.