Vehicle: Rpm driven sounds

Hi! i’ve been trying to get sounds to my vehicle, currently i only have when i enter the car and when i exit the car,

i have a cue with 3 states: idle, medium and max speed, and my max vehicle rpm is 5729

i need them to play at a different rpm values through a crossfrade by parameter.

ive seen some tutorials but nothings works for me pls helpp

well i already fix the problem but now i have 2 more:

  1. i want the keep the idle sound going when i have my vehicle in the idle state.

  2. i need to change the sound when the vehicle is in air to a “jump sound”

The sounds only play when i start moving :confused:

ill try the branch inside the cue :slight_smile:

another this i was wondering is how to setup the skid sounds, sorry to bother i’m pretty noob using unreal tho

i tried the blueprint u posted but doesnt seem to work with neither the vehicle velocity/forwardvector and the mesh velocity/forwardvector

there isnt a way to get that the vehicle is sliding from the vehicle movement component? just as the rpm?

i fixed the idle sound it starts at 0,0 so now it plays even when i’m not using the vehicle bp?? aaa

Are you using floating pawn movement?