Vehicle: Replicate Attach Actor to Actor and Collision

I don’t really know if I’m just doing this entirely wrong or running into a bug here. I’ve tried various ways of attaching to the vehicle and disabling collision like running it again as a multicast or just running it on the client. It almost always works on the server but the clients will never disable collision/attach properly and proceed to slide around the level and generally just not be attached if the vehicle moves. Alternatively the vehicle will go flying off into the sunset the moment someone enters it because of the collision.

It’s more or less the same BP-wise as vehicle tutorial [here][3] with a few changes and a socket added to the vehicle. This is where I’ve left it after reverting everything else that wasn’t improving anything.

Have you tried disabling collision for the driver mesh? Or set collision parameters to ignore pawn and vehicles?

I’m having zero luck fixing this. At best the client will only ever be half attached in that it will follow but not actually be attached. The capsule is being told to ignore the vehicle channel within “Collision”. I got tired of moving the capsule reference.

If you move the attach to into the multicast the client will never get moved into position but otherwise be the same. I don’t really know whats going on.

I threw together a project displaying the problem with the third person and vehicle template. The BP is in “ThirdPersonBP/Blueprints/ThirdPersonCharacter”. I’m afraid you can’t punch someone off the edge though.

I learned a lot more since doing this initially. The original issue with characters not attaching to something properly is that movement has to be disabled (set to none) along with disabling relevant collision responses or everything breaks in unusual ways.

There’s still some sort of issue that the character will randomly detach on its own. I’m guessing there’s yet another part of the character that needs disabling.