Vehicle ramming player -- player doesn't move

I have two players in my game – the first is a regular humanoid pawn and the other is driving a vehicle. If the player driving the vehicle gets going full speed and rams the human player, the vehicle acts as if it hit a concrete wall. The human player doesn’t budge at all. This is backwards from what one would expect. I also noticed that human players can lean against vehicles and push them around despite the vehicle having 20 times the mass. What needs to change to fix this?

same problem!!! also try change mass and nothing…

Hi guys,

I’d suggest checking out Tesla’s thread

Hi, I watch all Tesla tutorial and don’t see any information how to fix this(in tesla tutorial he Set capsule collision off but we need move it!!!), so i think author mean when vehicle rump player — player capsule MUST move from hit

Put A triggerbox in the vehicle blueprint thats slightly bigger that casts to any character it hits and set simulate physics on hit actor thats how I got it to work

your suggestion 100% work, but maybe we can do something another “on physical level” without BP(for example character can move vehicle, vehicle can move another physical objects(barrel for example), but why vehicle cant move character capsule???, this is a problem(bug?) and we need a fix

Its because the collison is either on or off so if its on it will stop the standard vehicle dead, its not really a bug its just the way the ue4 collision system works, the standard vehicle is simulating physics all the time but a character isnt until you set it to, hence the use of trigger volume, this system works quite until until you are dealing with lots of objects, but im still optimizing my system to work better