Vehicle Prop pack ( Abandoned Vehicle )

Hi All,

AmmoboxStudios’ Vehicle Prop Pack has just been released on Marketplace.
Special thanks to Epic for our first ever ‘Featured’ pack.


Vehicle Prop Pack - Marketplace Page

Latest Update (Jan 2017)

  • New Improved glass shader
  • Glass now have dirt parameter

A pack of highly detailed vehicle that allows multiple level of customisation.

Open / Close / Remove individual parts of the car that includes door , trunk , hood , glass.
Customise paint color, dust intensity and rust amount. Vehicle is provided as blueprint to be placed in-game immediately.

The system supports static and dynamic lighting.

Any question of implementation you can contact us at :

Previous Changenotes :**

Jan 2016 Update:
New glass shader
Glass shader now have dirt parameter as well

Looking like an essential addition for apoc enviroments, are you planning to add more vehicles into the pack later?

Edit: Purchased it anyway and liking so far.

Updated Jan 2016 :

  • New Glass Shader implementation . Better looking
  • Glass shader now have dirt parameters