Vehicle problem

hi guys i am new here and i have a problem about my work , i will be appreciate if anyone can help me .
i try to make a vehicle and make a true blue print of it for moving in the game with unreal engine but every time i make a blue print model it has a big problem and that problem is all the wheel going inside of the ground and it does not matter how much i try with with wheel and shape wheel it does not move even a centimeter . i found it out it seems i have a collision problem but i try everything i know about it and it’s useless . it seems the wheel collision is not connected to the wheel or something like that .
i used a tutorial i linked below and i linked a photo of my problem for you guys and sorry for my bad English .

thanks in advance .

guy’s please help me about this problem if you can .

thanks .

The tutorial you linked is for custom vehicle physics. If you’re new to UE4, just stick to the default ones (simple vehicle template or advanced vehicle template)

yes i am new in unreal engine .
can you explained better ? i try to make my own vehicle and make it playable in unreal engine , what i need to do ? and what do you mean about stick to the default one ? did you mean the blue default vehicle ?
thanks for your answer .

Yes the blue default vehicles.

If you really want to make your own vehicle model, try this tutorial: How to get wheeled vehicle from Blender to Unreal Engine 4 from scratch [OLD] - YouTube or just look at this documentation page:

thank you so much my friend , honestly i do everything like your tutorial and that page and i think maybe there is an small different between my joint’s and the document because i am working with cinema 4d and not blender or maya or 3ds max and i know unreal engine is better with max or maya .
by the way thank you so much for everything you give to me and now i know at least i know everything about it and i should try to get the answer i need and make my vehicle playable .
thanks .

Well, the most probable reason why your wheels are off is that your bones rotation is off. I think I recall seeing somewhere that for cinema4d, the bones should point at the floor…?

Thank you very much, yes i think it should be point at the floor .
You was so much helpfully my friend and thanks for it i will test it and write it here the result of it .

Hey, That is the video I did in the first post! hehe. Sorry you are having problems with it, the wheeled vehicle class is quite complex to setup a vehicle with. If you watch my more recent videos you will see a much simpler way wich gives much better results.!-Project-download-included&p=628460#post628460

But the problem with your vehicle is the weel are sideways, wich can be fixed by adding a roll offset to the wheels into the blueprint! no need to re-rig the mesh.

Thank yo so much my friend can you help me for fixed this problem with blueprints? Because i am kinda new in unreal engine ?
Thanks again and it is nice to see you here

Oops, looks like I was wrong x) its been several months I did not use the wheeled vehicle class anymore. I appear that the only offset you can adjust is on the collision position and not rotation. Then you may not have a choice but to open your mesh and rotate the bones. the weel colision (Black cylinders) are on their side now, so just a quick 90 degree rotation of the bones to fix that :stuck_out_tongue: then you will need to adjust their size into the wheel blueprint to make them fit the size of the wheels on your 3D model.

Let me know if this was not clear enough, but keep in mind that vehicle is by far one of the most complex thing I did in the engine, it may not be very suited for beginners. And my tutorials where not meant to be seen by beginners either.

Good luck!

Thank you so much guy’s my problem is finally solved and my vehicle is working like a charm :slight_smile:
just somethings happen now and i think it was not before , when i want to turn with my vehicle all the wheels steering together . should i do somethings more or i forgot something this time ?