Vehicle problem - don't know where's the point

I know wheeled vehicles are fully explored but I completely don’t know where I doing mistake. I did one car and it worked properly (maybe wheels were messy) as is said in this tut: How to get wheeled vehicle from Blender to Unreal Engine 4 from scratch [OLD] - YouTube then recreated some shapes and I went wild with it.
There’s screenshot:

I think there’s no problem with scaling - stock sedan is little bigger and I’m working on Blender 2.77a if it matters.
Thanks for help!

I don’t understand what you are having a problem with.

I thought screenshot is explaining what is my problem :slight_smile: When playing game then car falls down and stucks on “invinsible” point far under mesh (then falls forward but not always). In Phat car flies away.

There is a problem with wheels if you use Blender exporter, all wheels get placed at 0,0,0 location, you will have to manually offset each wheel. You can use “showdebug vehicle” command to visualize the wheels.

Thanks man, these wheels really are in 0,0,0 point. Did you mean “Additional wheel offset” in Vehicle Movement inside of car blueprint?

Yes, in vehicle movement component under Wheels Setups.

Well… got tired with setting this madness. Just exported from blender to maya and got it working in 3 steps (y)
Anyway thank in advance for help and looking for well working FBX exporter or appropiate blender impoter in UE4 (I think it’s good idea).