Vehicle physics often won't "settle down"

I’m finding that with vehicles in UDK (when not on flat ground) they tend to bounce around when idle, like the physics are twitching an glitching trying to find a resting position.

Anyone have experience with this and know how to settle the physics down a bit?

Does it happen the same in the center of the map as in the extremes of the map?

Are Subsistence players getting vehicles? :slight_smile:

Do the default UT vehicles bounce around when idle? Is your game built out from UTGame? Can you drop a Scorpion from UT into the game and see what it does?

Seems to happen regardless of where it is on the map. Also happens with the reference scorpion vehicle in the UT example. It’s when it’s on uneven ground, it lightly bounces around for a long period of time.

Here’s a quick video example of what i mean: UDK Vehicle Physics won't settle - YouTube

Yeah, here’s a quick promo video: Subsistence - Alpha 60 Sneak Peek - Vehicle Construction - YouTube :wink:

Strange. Is InitVehicleRagdoll getting called on the vehicle when exiting? What’s the vehicle’s physics before, during, and after driving it? Would you be OK with setting a simpler physics state or physics asset when exiting?

It also happens to me when I stop the Scorpion on a slope and go in and out.