Vehicle Pawn sticking to the ground with gravity and can't move forward

I’ve been trying to figure out tank treaded movement for the better part of a century now. I’ve been following this Unreal training video, but it doesn’t help that the guy jumps all over the place completely skipping crucial steps.

My questions directed at the video is how does he have gravity implemented? The YouTube comments say to enable physics on the root scene component, but when I do my pawn sticks and get caught on the floor. I assume its physics doing friction calculations so I'm thinking either my mesh is set incorrectly, it needs to be suspended by sphere colliders at each contact point, or the gravity implementation step that he guy skipped was something totally different. I'm confused watching the video because the collision on his tread meshes look just as flat as mine. I don't understand how he's achieving movement and I'm literally sticking on everything.

My problem:


Tank BP

Tank Engine

Tank Engine :: RotateAroundPoint

bump, I still can’t figure this out.

That is quite complex and unneeded so maybe you should check this easy tutorial