Vehicle Pawn Jumping

Hi all,

I just started a few days ago and am loving UE so far, but Ive run into a little snag that I cant seem to solve. I’m trying to get my vehicle to jump.

I went through a tutorial on getting a character pawn to do it which works, but the jump function doesn’t seem to be available for vehicles, any tips on solving this would be appreciated.


I have used Add Impulse at Location for this, in the vehicle blueprint. Basically grab the location of your vehicle using Get World Location and pipe that into the aforementioned node, and apply an impulse on the Z axis only if you want it to jump straight up.

Note that you might need a very large value, depending on the mass of the vehicle, to get the desired effect (for example, I ended up with 500000 in the example I’m looking at right now).

Thanks Xenome,

Ill see if I can get this working.


It is making me jump infinitely… any way to fix this?