Vehicle part's bone rotation

I’ve imported a vehicle to ue4.5 with it’s bones (doors,trunk,hood, etc.). I want to open car’s door but i couldn’t do that altough i am trying for it fo a long while.
I will handle this issue with car’s left door. I added a “multi convex hull” collision for the door in physics asset.
In vehicle animation blueprint (mesh space ref pose->wheel handler->transform bone->component to local->final aniamtion pose) i selected transform node and chose left door for “bone to modify” set rotation mode BMM replace. I also set rotation Y 30 degree. Once i simulate the door appers open 30 degree. I put a vehicle blueprint to viewport (Car’s door open). When i click to play button the door gets closed.
Supprisingly, i have done all the things for scaling it works!
Then i import the vehicle’s open door pose to ue4. I’ve tried blending the pose. Again in animation blueprint it simulates the car door is open however when i click the play button the door gets closed.
I thought that something is blocking the animation. In the physics asset constraint mode i’ve set the “angular swing 1motion” to limited from locked and set constraint for leftdoor. When i play the project the door is rotating considering it’s constraint that i set in physics asset. When i pushed the button that makes the open door request there is no change the engine just simulates physics.
I also tried :slight_smile: with “simulate physics” unselected it is working! But this time the door act like static. It’s world possition is not changing. So this solution is not the one that i look for.
Finally, if someone can help me i would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have the same issue, any ideas?

The OP’s problem sounds like they are failing to send information to the anim BP from the vehicle BP in run time, but i’m not sure. A video or at least some screenshots of the issue would help.

Please share some screen shots, then may be I can help you.

Here is 2 videos about animation blueprint for the vehicle,

Is there any ideas for the problem?

What are your settings in the physics asset for the car? I think i’m having the same problem.