Vehicle Pack Vol.1 [SUBMITTED]


Note The pack is now up on Trello, please vote if you get a chance. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, a while back I asked you if you had any interest in a vehicle pack, and what you would like to see out of it. Well, I finally got the pack submitted. Hopefully it gets onto the Trello Board soon.

Heres the write up I have, plus a link to my site PolyPixel, and Facebook page.


Vehicle Pack Vol.1 contains 5 completely custom designed prop vehicles, from Suv, to sedans and compact hatchbacks. Each car is created up to the highest video game standards today. Just drag and drop these assets in your game, and you’re ready to go. Each car comes in 3 versions, a rigged version, a standard prop model, and a version where all the doors, hoods and trunks can be moved around at your desire.

The cars are built using Substance Designer giving you full control of the textures, as well it comes equipped with an advanced UE4 car material, where you can customize the look even further. The texture scale is entirely up to your discretion, with the Substances giving you control of the resolution in game. The cars also come with full LODs so whether your platform is Desktop or mobile, these cars can be fitted into just about any game type and platform.

Just to make this package that much better, it comes with a full demo scene with complete documentation. Full of the hows, wheres and whys to the pipelines and designs of the vehicles.

This Package Contains:

5 Custom Vehicles

  • SUV
  • Hatchback
  • Hybrid(compact)
  • 2 Door Sedan
  • 4 Door Sedan

Textures built using Substance Designer
3 Versions of each vehicle

  • Rigged
  • Prop
  • Adjustable Doors/Hood/Trunk Prop

Demo Scene with full documentation

If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask. And thanks for having a look!!

Very nice!

How much will this cost?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There isnt a price yet unfortunately. The original intention was to sell one vehicle at a time, anywhere from $25-40 (depending on how far we took the asset). But the Marketplace has a restriction that prop submissions need a minimum of 5 assets. There will be a discount of course, for the upfront volume of art sold. So thats about all I can say for now as we are putting some figures together to see what the perfect price for this would be.

Actually, now would be as good a time as any to ask, what do you guys think a fair price for something like this will be. *Fair for both parties :wink:


@Spahr: Probably go for $15.00 per vehicle … makes it $75.00 … a little less than your initial asking price of $25.00 - $40.00 per vehicle … but I am not sure many people could afford a $100.00 or $200.00 price tag.

I suppose, considering it is rigged … you could do a $20.00 per vehicle price tag … I dunno … it is a tough one. I would probably save up to get this one … but unfortunately with the lower priced assets, I normally try to get the most bang for my buck considering the USD to ZAR exchange rate.

Good luck with your pack and good job on it. 8-}

looks really good ?
what is the textures resolution?
and what is the cost ?

edit : dident see your post about the price
i think i’ll pay around 75 $

I would pay 75 for the entire pack. So 15 per right?

Very nice…
I think the price points above are good. $100 for the pack is definitely reasonable, if I had the need i’d pay that, probably a bit more (probably $120). Not sure about $200 though. Getting a bit up there for an indie/hobbyist.

I think the minimum 5 assets per prop submission should be removed. I rather just buy a single asset for a specific use rather than a pack which I might not use most of it. Over time I might end up spending more as my project grows but I much rather the flexible, progressive nature of it. Hope a member of Epic hears and considers (maybe if Chance is around he can flag it for consideration or run a community poll for feedback?)

Ah, cool to see there is some interest in this :).

-Level1noob_1. Texture resolution is whatever you want since it is substance files. I believe 32x32 is the lowest, and 2048x2048 is the highest. There is some work being put in by Epic and Allegorithmic to make substances go as high as 4096.

Ah, and $75-ish USD does seem reasonable. I am Canadian and was originally thinking of prices off the top of my head in CAD.

Looking forward :slight_smile: I agree with the rest that $75 and maybe even a bit higher is a fair price.

Keep in mind that a lot of UE4 users are hobbyists on a tight budget. It’s possible that you could get more money in total for a lower price because more people would buy.

It’s also possible that you could make more money with a higher price point because the people that really want this pack would buy it at either price point.

Lower prices do not always mean that enough people would buy it to make up for the lower price. The market share for this pack is not unlimited.

There are other ways to stay competitive than just having a lower price point. Show users that the quality for the pack is of premium quality and users will still see the value at a higher price point.

To be honest, that’s what I would rather see this marketplace become. A place where sellers compete on quality and not on having the lowest price. Both parties win in that case. The quality bar gets higher and the sellers are rewarded for the quality they put into their work.

Tobbo, thanks for the insightful response. I too would like to contribute quality over quantity myself. But I just need to find that threshold where higher price = less money. And the quality I want to provide is not just with the assets, but customer service as well. I generally do lots of back and forth with customers, and I really try to provide a good customer experience. And the more customers I have, the quality of that drops as well. I have a few packs up already, so I am just waiting to see some sales figures on those to really see where this lands.

I dont want to alienate teams with lower budgets, but I want to provide a price thats fair for both parties. This pack took me quite some time to make. I worked for EA on battlefield and Need for Speed as a vehicle artist. And while I dont have the unlimited resources EA has, I feel I have been able to create a comparable product to what you would find in those games. And let me tell you, those assets at EA do not come cheap haha.

This thread has been really helpful, and id still love to hear other peoples thoughts on this too.

Hey guys, this pack is now up on Trello for voting. Please take a second to vote, I would really appreciate it :D. And if you have any feedback or any questions I will be periodically checking this thread, but you can email me personally at if its urgent.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Already voted … good luck with your pack. 8-}

p.s. Put the link to Trello on the first post and your last post … might help people who don’t have Trello bookmarked.

Ah, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


I wanted to know if the Vehicle pack is still on? I can’t see it anymore on Trello.


This is in its final stages and in the hands of Epic currently. As far as I know, its all good to go, and they will roll it out pretty quick.

I wouldnt pay $70 for this, nor $100. Not because the work isn’t good, but only because its quite pricey for only 5 vehicles.

Show me the police car, ambulance, cargo van, cube truck, brinks style security truck, utility trailer, BUS!!
If the vehicles can be used for actually driving in a game (like the wheels can spin as separate meshes from the main car etc), then $15-20 each is good deal. In which case, sell them separately. if it took you 10 hours to do one car… @ 25 an hour you need to sell 17 of them at $15. My guess is the subsequent cars were quicker in time? Anyway.

I’d sell a separate pack of just static models to use for scenery much cheaper… like $15 for the pack of 5. Or like $30 for this and the ones I mentioned above.
I have a bunch of vehicles as static scenery in my game… they are just ports from Unity assets which are extremely cheap compared to the price points mentioned here. They are not drivable assets though. Right now I don’t need that.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

The pack will hit the stores at $85.