Vehicle not moving

I am very new to Ue5, I am trying to create a game with an F1 car. I have tried following multiple tutorials on youtube and Unreal’s own tutorials but I cannot seem to figure it out. I assume it is an easy fix but my knoledge on Ue5 is still very limited


Hey @Tshih1! Welcome to the Forums!

In order to help, we are going to need to know what you have so far so we can see what may be going wrong. A few questions to get things started:

  • Are you using Chaos Vehicles?
  • Are you using code or blueprints?
  • What those look like? Please share some screenshots of your blueprints if you are using those.
  • If you are using Chaos, have you made your wheel blueprints and do you mind sharing all of the settings you have for your vehicles?

Any additional specifics or information you can provide may go a long way in solving your problem!

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Thank you for reply, I have a new issue now where the tires start rotating on the wrong axis like its a sphere. I saw someone else have the same issue but the solution didnt work for me here are some screenshots.

Once again thank you



Hey @Tshih1!

Can you explain a bit more about this problem? Is this after physics are set up? Or are you turning one axis and having another move for some reason? It’s hard to tell.

Any additional specifics or information you provide will go a long way in solving your problem!


This is after the physics were set up, the controls dont work and when I press play in the editor, the wheels start spinning slowly

Thanks for your response

Hey @Tshih1!

Do you have the chaos vehicles plugin and your wheel blueprints set up? Check out this great video on setting up your vehicle to double check your steps:

I hope the above is the solution you need, otherwise any additional specifics may go a long way in solving your problem!

I went through the turorial an changed the physics to kinematic and the wheels stopped acting weird! Unfortunately, the car now when there is any input starts doing a very slow barrel roll. This happens when I press accelerate, brake and steering. I tried it with and without an animation blueprint and nothing changes.

Thanks again

Hey @Tshih1!

A few more questions:

  • Would you mind sharing your blueprints as well as maybe a screencap or video of your problem so we can get a visual of what you are working with?
  • Also, how are your wheels set up? Have you made your wheel blueprints? Are there any alterations to them?
  • Have you ensured the forward axis of the vehicle itself is on the X axis?

Thanks for replying,
here a a few screenshots
this happens when any input is applied

Here are the wheel blueprints

Thank you again

Hey @Tshih1,

That is pretty odd. I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary for the wheel blueprints.

  • Are your front and back wheels set correctly?
  • Maybe they were accidentally set to front on the right, back on the left.
  • What about your vehicle blueprint?
  • Are you having the same issue on any sample vehicles? If not, are there any differences between them?

Hello @Quetzalcodename ,
here a a few images of the blueprints

On another vehicle I am having no issues, so it may be the rigging in blender

Thanks again!

Hello @Quetzalcodename,

Sorry! realized I had the wrong bone names… rookie mistake,
unfortunately only one of the car wheels falls into the ground, I have looked and they all are the same

Thanks again

Hey @Tshih1!

Great! Any progress is good progress! Okay, so now one of the wheels falls into the ground? Does the vehicle still barrel roll at this point or is this an additional issue?

Hello! sorry for bothering still,

I got the car to not fall through by changing the floor collisions to block all, but it seems to have an invisible block on the left side lifting the car up


The car no longer barrel rolls, just gets propped up on one side

Here is an Image as the suspension seems to be working, so that’s one positive

The car just stays in this position

After a few tests, the only tire that seems to not have gravity is the front right which raises the car…

Not sure what is wrong

Thanks again

Okay @Tshih1,

Would you mind sharing your physics asset for your vehicle? If the problem is the front right tire not having gravity enabled, when looking at it is “Enable Gravity” checked?

I hope the above is the solution you need!