Vehicle Not Moving

Hey All,

I’ve got a 5-wheeled vehicle that I’m trying to use. I’ve got the mesh imported as a skeletal mesh, all the axis are pointed the correct way (x-forward z-up), throttle and steering inputs plugged into the correct inputaxis nodes, but it still isn’t driving. The vehicle isn’t rigged at all, should it be? Other places I’ve looked said that skinning and rigging the mesh isn’t required/makes things harder. Any help would be appreciated!

make a video of what is going on, any errors you get. just saying it don’t work don’t help anyone. please show your movement code and other aspects.

so i have a box i made what color is it? you don’t know unless i tell you. keep that in mind when asking help thankyou <3

If you are using something like Blender if I can remember properly when the kart and all its parts are not properly parented it can cause problems from a car that’s hard as a rock or a car with physics and wheels that flap around.

I have not worked on my racing game in a long time and the game uses Advanced Vehicle Templates, in your case I take it your just using the original Vehicle so it might have much more to do with the actual 3D car itself than Unreal, double check the parenting and reimport it by deleting the old one from Unreal and drag and dropping the new one and repeat the process.