Vehicle moves into the floor/how to place the vehilce exactly above the floor like in real world scenario?

Hi all,
I am new to the unreal world and having trouble with creating a vehicle in a room.
My aim is to place a vehicle in a room and now an issue comes, i.e. the vehicle moves into the floor. I am posting the screenshot of the scenario and also the procedure below.

  • I created a default level and created a room using the box from the geometry

  • Then created a new blueprint character for car and attached a static mesh to it. Now I place the car in the room, it can move through the floor and the roof as well.

I need a solution so that the car should move only inside the space in the room. How can I do that ? Any solution will be helpful.

Hey @ronyshaji1!

What do the collisions of the floor/building and your vehicle look like? This is likely caused by overlapping on placement, and your building needs to use complex collision. And when you say you “attached a static mesh to it” do you mean the car is a static mesh also?

Any additional specifics or information you can provide will go a long way in solving your problem!

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I didnot used any collision box for both the building or the car yet. I made a room using the box option in the geometry. Then created a car as a character blueprint. in the car blueprint, i added a static mesh component and selected a SUV mesh from a vehicle pack available in the market place. I selected car as a character and attached the static mesh only not any skeletal mesh. Then i drag the newly created car into the room. SO i guess basically both the room and car doesnot have any relation now. So how can i place the car on the room floor ? Hope this clarifies the doubt

Hey @ronyshaji1,

What is important is your collisions for your different parts. This is to make sure that your car and walls collide correctly (no clipping like you are seeing). Please share your blueprint for your car, as well as your collision settings for your building.

If your building mesh (or car) does not have any collisions, anything that it comes in contact with will slide right through and vice versa. You should not need a collision mesh connected to both at all.

Also, if the car is a static mesh, you should be using the car’s collision. In either case, static or skeletal, it is better to drag the mesh into the scene and create a blueprint from it, but we can worry about that once we have taken a look at your current blueprint and room collision.

Hopefully the above points you in the direction you need!

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Hey @Quetzalcodename

I am sharing the car blueprint and the room (pic1 — ImgBB and 2 — ImgBB). It looks like the room have any collision options. So do i need to create a collision box for the car ?

hey @ronyshaji1,

So I see a few things here. First and foremost is that you attached a car to the character controller in the way you did. The capsule component is your collision and that is already halfway into the floor. If you want to make a car the movable object, you should make a pawn of the car or set up a vehicle blueprint, but that would require a skeletal mesh of the car.

Next is the fact you are using block brushes not static meshes. Have tried unticking Hollow? Also, just because an object outline shows something, does not mean that is the collision. The best way to check your collisions at the collision in level is Show → Collision and/or change from Lit → Player Collision.

Hopefully the above helps you get a clearer picture of what changes you should make.

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Hi @Quetzalcodename

thanks for your continued help. I understood your points and made changes to the set up as follows.

  1. I made a vehicle blueprint as a pawn and attached a skeletal mesh to it (i got the vehicle skeletal mesh from marketplace package). But i was not able to set up the wheel. That won’t be a problem as now i am thinking to work on a standstill car without any movement. But still i need to have the car on top of the floor without sinking in.

  2. I checked with unticking and still i think the room doesbnot have any collision box. But now the collision box of vehicle is visible. I am attaching the images for reference. So in short i think i have to make the room with static mesh and enable the collision for rooms also to avoid sinking of the car to the floor ?

Again thanks for your help and i am still learning the concepts of unreal engine.

Hey @ronyshaji1

If you want to set up your vehicle the correct way with the wheels working check out this Unreal training on the subject:

Also, here is a great non-Epic affiliated video that goes over box brushes and how to convert them into static meshes is also in the video:

I hope the above helps provide the solution you need!

Thanks for the information. In the first view, this is the one i am looking for i think.

Hey @ronyshaji1

That’s great! Please let me know if this works for you!

And one more quick question, i tried yesterday with the skeletal mesh and when in the play mode, the vehicle starts to fly. So initially i am planning to do my modelling in a standstill car. Is it okay if I change the skeletal mesh of car to static mesh. I guess if I use the static mesh the car won’t move while in play mode.

Hey @ronyshaji1!

The easiest way to test collision I have found, is to just grab a static mesh (like a basic cube) and enable gravity. You can use a static mesh pawn to move around, but that won’t really work as well for your vehicle blueprint, so I suggest a basic test pawn on the side if you want to go that route.

Also as a suggestion, testing using Unreal’s built in premade vehicle by going to your content browser → Add/Import → Add Feature or Content Pack… → Vehicle may do a lot more for you then just using a static mesh.

Hopefully that is the solution you were looking for.

Yea it will be easy with the build in vehicle. But my project needs a particular SUV car. I have the static mesh and skeletal mesh available for it.

what i am thinking to do ?

  1. create a static mesh of the SUV as a pawn and enable the collision
  2. create a floor utilising static mesh and also enable collision

so hope in paly mode the suv won’t sink in the floor. What’s your opinion about this ?
Basically in play mode the SUV stands on the floor

Hey @ronyshaji1

By following the two videos (one of which being the start of a tutorial series by Unreal) in the previous post will get you where you need to go. If the vehicle is still sinking into the floor then
A. Your wheels are not set up correctly, and/or
B. Your floor has no collision so the vehicle will sink through it no matter what you do.

Like in the previous post, using the static mesh would just be for testing out the collision of the room, so there would be no real benefit of using that pawn vs the vehicle template, which could and would double as a template for setting up your SUV as well as a way to double check and make sure all of your settings and blueprints are set correctly.

If sizing is what you are thinking may be the issue, extending out the car’s collision box till it matches the SUV till that is set up will solve that issue with no problems.

Hopefully the above helps solidify your decision.