Vehicle Movement

Hi, i have bought the Simple Military asset pack from Synty Studios, and i am now trying to wire up the tanks from that pack to the vehicle movement class, now i have got this working for wheels, but i am having some problem getting turret and barrel to work.I am using arrow keys to rotate barrel and elevate the barrel.

the tank asset is a single skeleton mesh and turret and barrel are connected using bones.

asset i have been trying to get working is called SK_Veh_Armor_Car_01

i have been using Transform (modify) bone on the turret and barrel, but i can only get it working if i set turret and barrel to Physics type Kinematic and remove the physics constrain connecting the turret and barrel to the tank body( or the tank will not move forward, but barrel and turret does move) but when i do this my barrel and turret has no collision.

if i set the turret and barrel to Physics Type Default they just “rag-dolls” towards the ground and spins, and input from Transform bone does not work at all.

Is there a way to get it working and have collision on all bones, with out editing all the vehicle assets in to separated static mesh assets for the turrets and barrels?
have no experience using blender or other programs like that so i was hoping there is way?

I am new to unreal engine too, so have little experience using blueprint and never used animation blueprints
If the assets are wired up like these packs are am i suppose to be making animations blueprints instead?

or are the vehicles assets set up wrong for unreal? Unsure what too look in to next, will i need to learn animation blueprint and how to control them using blueprints?or will it be better to just learn to edit all the assets in Blender and splitting them in to static mesh component? or am i doing something wrong?

The vendor should support you if you ask. Marketplace vendors have to help you.

Can you show the skeleton tree? Just the tree heirarchy (in general, try not to expose more of the asset than you require).

The TESTING socket i added, i was trying to hack a work around.
I will sent them a mail and see, thanks for the feedback.

I would try turning on per-bone physics (“all bodies below” each wheel, including self). [This][1] tutorial is the most recent one that covers how to do this. It’s about “pose snapshot” but he sets up character physics for ragdoll first. You basically want to do the same thing but where each wheel has physics on but the rest of the skeleton has it off.

Not sure it will work but it might be worth a try.


I’m going off of memory on the video I gave. That may just be full-body physics for ragdoll. This one definitely covers per-bone physics, it’s just a bit older.

Actually. I haven’t messed with it much yet but you should be able to control all that in the physics asset. You can tell each bone if it is kinematic or simulated. Check [this video][1]. They go through bodies, constraints, and such, in detail. Did the tank not come with that set up?

ok ty, will look over the video and see if it can help with the problem, tank did come with that set up,
and i have messed around with it. but as i said, if i change turret/barrel to kinematic the tank stops moving as long as there is a constraint from turret to tank body, if i remove that constraint the tank moves and barrel/turret moves, but when i use kinematic on barrel/turret they no longer have collision vs walls ramps etc . will look over the video and re import the assets just to make sure i didn’t break anything while testing. and watch that video.

I think you need to use the RigidBody node in your AnimBP to get the Simulated/Kinematic stuff to work together. Not sure tho.

What if you tried it from the other direction? You may be able to simulate the entire skeleton and use physics to turn the turret. I wish I could be more help but I’ve never messed with vehicles. Just trying to help you find your way.