Vehicle movement steering ultra slow


I’m inheriting from the WheeledVehicle class in Blueprint and this class has the VehicleMovement component inside.
Im just setting SetSteeringInput and SetThrottleInput to axis values (range -1 to 1).

Wheels are all set up like in all the vehicle tutorials.
Setting the torque seems to work very fine. So acceleration works without any trouble.

But when I try to steer the car, the wheel rotates so ultra slow - it takes about 15 secondes until it turns 45°. Even when I let go of the steering input (so 0 is set to SetSteeringInput) it takes another 15 seconds until the wheel turns back to 0°.

I’ve tried to put the car on a block (so that the wheels are moving freely) to test if there is some collision problem. But it turns out it doesn’t matter it the car hits the ground of it is flying.

I’ve tried to increase any steering parameter I’ve found, but it didn’t change anything.

Do you have any idea what this could be? Could this be an error when working with UE4.22?

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